Jan 192011

una gran escuela

We’ve made it through our first “temporada” (high season) and, what have I learned?

Wow, so much…but let me start in the kitchen, where I’ve been spending most of my time.

I’ve learned that it isn’t so hard to make many of the “processed items” that one gets at the grocery store.  Bread, tofu, marmalade and yogurt making were great mysteries before we got here two months ago, and now, I’d say they are reasonable endeavors for even the weak of heart in the kitchen.  Surprising, no?  We’re thinking of offering classes on how to make these things.  Are you interested?

I’ve learned that sometimes, you have to sacrifice a batch before you get a good one.  For me, the making of a good marmalade came with this sad fact.  My first batch of mandarine marmalade was bitter…i mean puckered up-painful-without cure-BITTER.  It hurts me to even write the following words…it had to go to the compost!  I asked for help and, when I did, Angela, my kitchen angel, gave me a large batch of the best tasting mandarines I’d had to date and a second chance.  The second batch turned out to be well worth the effort.  Come on down and I’ll let you try some…if you like it, I’ll even sell you some!

I’ve reaffirmed that all natural is the best way to go.  Physically, I feel healthier than ever.  To this end, we’ve been planting our organic gardens.  We’ve got so many hopefuls here at the house:  parsley, cilantro, oregano, basil, bok choi, kale, romesco cauliflower,  padron peppers, mystery peppers, red cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes and garlic.  We also planted at our friend, Osvaldo’s, farm – okra, green squash, yellow squash, radishes, onions, leeks, corn, basil…my mind runs wild at all the possibilities of what we are going to eat and best of all it will all be fresh and organic, whatever choses to flourish here in beautiful Barichara.

Out of the kitchen, most importantly, I’ve learned that generosity is rewarded.  And that we have some neighbors that really like to party.  Thankfully, they keep it mostly to temporadas.

Dec 212010

A couple of weeks ago, upon first arriving back in Barichara, we had the opportunity to participate in harvesting the grapes from the vine in the front courtyard.  Pounds of grapes were given to us by that tree.  Enough to make lots of sweet marmalades and refreshing juices.  Mary is stepping into another realm of creativity in this ship’s galley.

At breakfast, our guests have been enjoying these jams on Mary´s fresh baked bread.  We are living closer to our ideal of eating local organically grown foods prepared in our own kitchen from scratch.  Gifts from nature turned into edible poetry.

So far Mary has made three different types of jam.  Aside from the grape, Mary brewed a batch of clementine jam that has set the countryside on fire and is in the process of cornering the Barichara-home-made-jam market with her sweet mandarin pot of magic currently in its peeling and dicing phase.  I may be biased but Mary’s “test kitchen” is soaring.  Come get some at the best Barichara hotel!

Its been busy the last few days with guests in the house and so many tourists in town.  The plaza is full of parked cars and there are tons of new shops opening their doors, like the petals on a sunflower at first light.  Our first guests, Avi and Hannah, felt the magic in a big way: they got engaged here at our happy little Barichara hotel.  Congratulations, Avi and Hannah!



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Nov 242010

We are very excited to present the new video of Greengoes Guesthouse and beautiful Barichara!  The newest Barichara Hotel…

Greengoes Guesthouse Video

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