Nov 212010

Mary is punching the engine at 80 mph, northbound.  This chick really likes to drive.  The B-Side Players blare through the speakers with their sexy salsa / reggae combination.   Mary does NOT like to get passed.  Speed-demon-semiarab-belovedwife.

We have left Georgia stronger and more focused than when we went in.  We are eager to get to Barichara, to get back to Greengoes Guesthouse.  But we loved our time working alongside the Earthship Crew and DirtyInterns.  We accomplished so much together in such a short time!  Three weeks ago we had not even met and what we were told on our last night was:  this is not the end, this is the beginning.   It was on everyone’s lips and the repetition made it believable.

Our last week working on the Earthship seemed to progress more slowly than the first two.  Putting it up was quick, but covering the tire walls with layers of cement, filling the floors with gravel, putting in the windows are very time consuming activities.  The Earthship is probably 80% -85% of the way to completion.  It looks good.  We are sorry that we are going to miss the finished product.  On our last night at the site, one day before the full moon, Mary and I walked through the structure.  It was dark save for the moonlight coming in through the front windows.  We knew the site so well, every bump in the path, every drop-off, wet spot, jagged edge and wall in the way that we could walk around this construction site in near-dark with no problem.  This house is beautiful and it is going to be a perfect representation of Earthships interacting with nature.   It has been an honor to be part of this project.

We are headed north towards Toronto to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and to get prepared for our journey back to Barichara.  The 75 feels like some sort of weird zone where time moves and stands still at the same time.  Macon, Chattanooga, Dayton, Toledo… all these towns look the same, from the side of the 75 inside a Marriot and across from a Cracker Barrel.  This antiseptic, serving-size, homogenous road is not for us, it moves so quickly but other than the different colored rocking chairs outside the Cracker Barrel, with no leaves on the trees, it all looks the same.

‘Nuff, from here.  Happy Thanksgiving.  And for the kids down in Georgia, we miss you already!


Nov 142010

Of all the things that we have learned these past two weeks in Georgia, one of the most exciting has to be Mary’s love for power tools; the louder and heavier the better.  Our glorified pile of dirt and tires is starting to look a whole lot more like an Earthship.  The roof is 95% complete, most of the windows in the front of the house have been installed and the solar panels are up and running.  This week we traded in our sledgehammers and shovels for nail guns, skilsaws and drills.  The weather was in the 80s most of the time and the sun shone down from a bright blue cloudless sky.

Besides working with power tools, Mary and I have more importantly improved our ability to work with each other.  In many ways, our time in Georgia feels like a really awesome company retreat.  An opportunity for all of the Greengoes Travel crew to get down and dirty, to become more patient, tolerant, motivated and resilient.

I can hardly believe that we have already built this much so quickly!  Looking back on our time in Georgia I can see that the Greengoes Travelers that came in here at the beginning of the month are not the same as the ones that will be coming out at the end of this month.  I am thankful that Mary and I have had this opportunity to polish up our working relationship and to round out our partnership.  Look around our website, there have been many changes here the last couple of weeks as well. Our goal of running the best and most environmentally conscious hotel in Barichara is clearer than ever.


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Nov 062010

My wife and I have come to Georgia to build a sustainable house; a house powered by its interaction with the natural world.  Off the grid and seemingly out of this world.  We have come to Georgia to build, to work and to learn.  So far so good.

Our crew is made up of approximately 30 people most of whom, like us, have come from far and wide as interns for this project.  Our first week together has been a lesson in synergy.  We have realized how much better we can be when we work together, how much further we can go, and how much we can endure.

On Monday, these people were just interesting strangers with common ideals and vocations.  By Cleanup on Friday we had become a solid crew.  We pounded tires together, we mixed and poured cement, we shoveled tons of dirt, we carried, we climbed, we sweated and blistered together under bright sun and in the chilly rain.

The work is physically demanding, but its nothing compared to the good vibrations of good music filling the fresh country air.  Most of the frame for the house is complete: the tire walls have been pounded and stacked, the wooden frames for the windows and doors have been assembled into the structure.  We are looking forward to next week, we look forward to seeing how much further we can go, and how much we can learn.

Our long term goal is to be able to take this concept of Earthships back to Colombia with us.  Above all else we are here to empower ourselves, to take another step away from mindless centralization and towards increased awareness.


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