Apr 102011

Yellow Flower

We’ve have been busy.  Today is a rare, and much needed, rainy day.  A great day for our garden to soak up some water and for me to write a few words of what we have been up to for the past few weeks…

Pink OrchidsWe opened the pizzeria right on schedule, and although we sat the whole first day by ourselves, the idea of being in our own restaurant was excitement enough.  Since those very humble beginnings, we have had a number of satisfiedguests visit us and try one of Mary’s many creations.  We’ve whittled down our restaurant hours to Thurs.-Sunday, noon until 3pm, but we still open outside those hours with a previous reservation.  We love the work, we love the food, but we hate sitting around waiting to share all this goodness!

Our flexible schedule has allowed us to spend a lot of time in our garden where the tomatoes have come in quite nicely along with the cherry tomatoes and the Romesco cauliflower.  We have had some rainy days in the past few weeks which has allowed us to run our entire operation solely off of the rainwater we harvest.  Right now we have about 6000 liters stored in our tanks thanks to today’s constant rain.  Its still warm outside/inside but I think I might go put on a long sleeved shirt once I finish writing this little post.  Brrrr.

The month of March was a real treat here in the garden.  Spring arrived in Barichara full of birds, bees and all sorts of flowers.  The most spectacular orchids bloomed in the garden this month, lasting anywhere from a day to a week.  The Mirto, normally the messiest tree in the house, added to my sweeping duties by sprouting beautiful white flowers that had all our beehives buzzing with activity.  Not only that, but they also filled the house with the most delicious perfume that all our guest remarked upon as they entered our home.  The messiest tree this month was the Roso Nogal: the tallest tree in the garden standing about 10 meters tall and visible from every lookout around town, old Roso threw out the prettiest pink flowers this month.  And not just a few dozen, but thousands of flowers.  I would sit in my hammock in the afternoons and watch these flowers literally rain, non-stop on the garden below.

Blue White Orchid

I sweep the paths in the garden every morning and normally fill a bucket for our compost pile with leaves, flowers, twigs and scattered fruits.  In March, I was filling three buckets every day just with Roso’s flowers.  And by the time I had made it from one end to the garden to the other, it already looked like I had not even swept!  Beautiful.

I wonder what other surprises this garden has for us.  I think the mangoes will be ready this month.  They are already the size of an average bowling ball.  The grape vine is also almost ready for harvest… grape jam anyone?

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