Nov 212010

Mary is punching the engine at 80 mph, northbound.  This chick really likes to drive.  The B-Side Players blare through the speakers with their sexy salsa / reggae combination.   Mary does NOT like to get passed.  Speed-demon-semiarab-belovedwife.

We have left Georgia stronger and more focused than when we went in.  We are eager to get to Barichara, to get back to Greengoes Guesthouse.  But we loved our time working alongside the Earthship Crew and DirtyInterns.  We accomplished so much together in such a short time!  Three weeks ago we had not even met and what we were told on our last night was:  this is not the end, this is the beginning.   It was on everyone’s lips and the repetition made it believable.

Our last week working on the Earthship seemed to progress more slowly than the first two.  Putting it up was quick, but covering the tire walls with layers of cement, filling the floors with gravel, putting in the windows are very time consuming activities.  The Earthship is probably 80% -85% of the way to completion.  It looks good.  We are sorry that we are going to miss the finished product.  On our last night at the site, one day before the full moon, Mary and I walked through the structure.  It was dark save for the moonlight coming in through the front windows.  We knew the site so well, every bump in the path, every drop-off, wet spot, jagged edge and wall in the way that we could walk around this construction site in near-dark with no problem.  This house is beautiful and it is going to be a perfect representation of Earthships interacting with nature.   It has been an honor to be part of this project.

We are headed north towards Toronto to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and to get prepared for our journey back to Barichara.  The 75 feels like some sort of weird zone where time moves and stands still at the same time.  Macon, Chattanooga, Dayton, Toledo… all these towns look the same, from the side of the 75 inside a Marriot and across from a Cracker Barrel.  This antiseptic, serving-size, homogenous road is not for us, it moves so quickly but other than the different colored rocking chairs outside the Cracker Barrel, with no leaves on the trees, it all looks the same.

‘Nuff, from here.  Happy Thanksgiving.  And for the kids down in Georgia, we miss you already!


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