Nov 062010

My wife and I have come to Georgia to build a sustainable house; a house powered by its interaction with the natural world.  Off the grid and seemingly out of this world.  We have come to Georgia to build, to work and to learn.  So far so good.

Our crew is made up of approximately 30 people most of whom, like us, have come from far and wide as interns for this project.  Our first week together has been a lesson in synergy.  We have realized how much better we can be when we work together, how much further we can go, and how much we can endure.

On Monday, these people were just interesting strangers with common ideals and vocations.  By Cleanup on Friday we had become a solid crew.  We pounded tires together, we mixed and poured cement, we shoveled tons of dirt, we carried, we climbed, we sweated and blistered together under bright sun and in the chilly rain.

The work is physically demanding, but its nothing compared to the good vibrations of good music filling the fresh country air.  Most of the frame for the house is complete: the tire walls have been pounded and stacked, the wooden frames for the windows and doors have been assembled into the structure.  We are looking forward to next week, we look forward to seeing how much further we can go, and how much we can learn.

Our long term goal is to be able to take this concept of Earthships back to Colombia with us.  Above all else we are here to empower ourselves, to take another step away from mindless centralization and towards increased awareness.


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