Jun 282010

Friends and Family Collage

Having traded our physical address for our truck and now, in Toronto, our truck for our backpacks, we’ve boarded the first of three flights that should get us to Bogota by tomorrow afternoon.  Sadly, however, we’ve been told we’re sitting in this sardine can for another hour and a half before “wheels-up” due to weather in New York.  I’m already feeling my slight claustrophobia kick in.

While American Airlines may have gotten this part all wrong, the magazine produced by the parent company, American Way, seems to have their sights and flights headed in the same direction as ours – Colombia.  The cover story, “Into the Wild”, explores Ciuidad Perdida, Colombia’s ancient, hidden city tucked three-days walk into the jungle.  They say it is Colombia’s Machu Picchu, still waiting for full-force tourism to make its way there.  As I flip through the magazine there are adds for festivals and hotels in Medellin, write ups on hots spots in Bogota and information on how travelers can get there via American Airlines.  I’m glad we’re (almost) on our way.

It seems we’re going back to the gate.  We’ve already missed our connection to Miami, where we were supposed to stay tonight.  Cross your fingers that they can sort this mess out for us!

…a little later…

So, we have one more night in Toronto at the Double Tree hotel (OMG have you had their cookies! They will give you more than one if you ask!) and one less connection tomorrow.    We’re supposed to arrive in Bogota at the same time as planned, so it isn’t all bad.  We’ll see what  tomorrow brings…

Let me take this moment to say that it was FANTASTIC to visit with family over the past two weeks.  Thank you Mona, Hammy, Gart, Eryka, Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim, Scott B., Ismael, Majida, Lynette, Casey, Scotto-san, America and Kevin, for all the great times at the Lake of the Ozarks, in Cocomo, Michigan and Toronto!  You guys are the best!

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